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Default Update 31/12/12

I went into town today and got four cans for 3.60 each, normally they are £8-£9 a can. As we all know spray paints are not cheap, I have got to spray the big dreadnought and 3 marine costumes.
So I have to keep the cost down. The colour I got below is maybe a bit dark as you can see, but will have to do as they do not do the correct colour. I will dry brush the costumes with a lighter blue
to give it some depth and some highlighting. If the colour is two dark it will be harder for people to see it in the carnival, so have to compromise between the correct ultramaine colour and what
works in a carnival.
Now the man in the games workshop gave his opinon on the colour of lights I need to use on my costume. I thought blue lights, but he said I should use yellow or red for ultramarines as I
already have the blue covered with the spray paint so I will take his advice.
Today I put some more black undercoat on the dreadnought and did some more work on the sponsons (weapon arms).
Base spray paint colour for dread and three marines
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