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Usually the lack of updates from me where hobby things are concerned means I've been up to something big. And, I certainly have been. As a bribe to work on the store's terrain and paint up some new stuff (namely, two skyshield landing pads, a fortress of redemption) for in-store use, I was given a healthy chunk of store credit, which ended up going to this.

This is the second Baneblade I own, and I painted this one mostly with an airbrush. It's something I'm still learning to use, and I have to say, owning an airbrush now has given me a new appreciation for painting large models. I used to hate painting vehicles, but with the airbrush, they've become a much more interesting project for me.

I've yet to figure out how to photograph this thing well, since it's so big. It doesn't really even fit on my painting desk! I took it out to my table in my garage for a couple pictures with its squadron-mate, but it's dark enough in there that the pictures aren't great. I'm going to have to look into getting a third to complete the squadron at some point in the future...

The obligatory "Drive me closer so I can hit them with my sword!" tank commander.

"A Righteous Hymn" and "Our Lady, Deliverance", Hestia XXVI Armoured.

And, in case anyone was interested, there are some chunks of the Fortress of Redemption on my table, with my Pyre Chaos Space Marines deployed for a game. When this was taken I hadn't finished the Fortress and taken it back to the store yet-- but I figured if I had parts of it done, I might as well play with them while I had them handy, right?


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