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Hmmm. I dunno if I'd call it competitive: 4 AV12 walkers aren't exactly a reliable battle line, especially at 2k points. The Lord doesn't add anything but a handful of lightning claw attacks to a unit brimming over with the same—give him a power fist and the BBoS or something. The Noise Marines and DP should be fun, though, as well as the spamming of GoM.

I can see it being a very enjoyable army to play; not it winning many tourneys as it currently stands, however.

To make it more competitive? Drop the Warp Talons and 4 walkers and add 3 squads of as-large-as-possible Biker squads with 2x melta, MoS and an IoE: T5 FNP, so essentially Plague Marines with t-l bolters and CCW+BP, Relentless, I5, Hammer of Wrath, 12"+ movement... Okay, a lot better than Plague Marines, not scoring, and only a few points more expensive per model. Swap the Lord's jump pack for a bike, obviously.

The problem here: bikes cost $15 each. I'd say get the new Hellstriders for WHF and swap the marauder torsos for CSM ones: instant cavalrybikes for about $6.50 each. It's how I'm making my own bikers, I know (Cold Ones for Khornate, Hellstriders for Slaaneshi, and Chaos Knights and VC Black Knights for Nurglish ones).

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