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Originally Posted by Insanity72 View Post

2 last quick questions.
1st. When mixing up your paints (Specifically the armour colours), do you create a large batch of the colour and keep it in a pot, or do you just make small amounts as you go?

2nd. When mixing your paints, how do you ensure that you are getting the correct proportions? do you just estimate or do you use something like an eyedropper?
First question.
Yes I did create enough for 2 pots for the base armour colour. I have used about 1 and a quarter of these pots on my army so far. Around 1850 points.

Second question.
I just went for it a small portion at a time till I achieved the colour I really liked.

Thank you for you kind words. Good luck with your own army and I look forward to seeing your results. Yes money does help.

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