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Well after several requests on this blog, here is a basic tutorial on how to paint the armour and skin tones for my Kabal.

The brushes that I use:

I tend to prefer the Army Painter brushes as they seem to hold their point for longer. Do not get me wrong, I do use the GW paint brushes as well.

You only see 3 brushes in this picture, however I have more but for this little tutorial, I only ever used these 3.


I have shown you both the old and new GW paints for the skin tone.

Only a black primer, I slightly water down my base colour, Dheneb Stone and apply 2-3 thinner layers to get a smoother surface.

I water down the wash of Ogryn Flesh as I feel personally that it is too dark applied directed to the base paint. Again if you have watered down the wash too much, apply a second or even third layer.

When applying the highlight I make sure that I use a wet brush allowing for smoother application over the base and wash layers.

Using a slightly water down mixture of 65/35 Dheneb Stone/Skull White, apply one maybe two layers of this over the all but the recess areas of the face.

Finally using a slightly water down mixture of 50/50 or 40/60 Dheneb Stone/Skull White, apply to the raised areas of the face and skin.


First of all, apologies about not having the new range of paints for the armour.

This is my unique mixture. I thought as a starter that the Liche Purple was too light and the Warlock Purple was not even on the same path I wanted the Kabal to look. After several test mixing pots I got the depth of the Liche Purple I required.

I find that a 80/20 or 70/30 Liche Purple/Chaos Black works the treat.

Water down this mixture slightly as per above and apply 2 coats over the black undercoat. This gives a smoother and richer looking depth to the colour.

Using the same purple, apply the following mixture 70/30 or 60/40 even 50/50 Purple mixture/Space Wolves Grey and water this down again.

Apply to the edging of the model with the insane detail brushes, one or two strokes of this will bring you results like this.

No need for any washes as previously experimented with. I found that it gave the model's armour a shine that did not suit the environment the Dark Eldar come from. Each to their own.

***Disclaimer*** This was a test model and mold lines and flash maybe visible. No model was harmed in this tutorial. ***Disclaimer***

Hopefully you have enjoyed my first ever tutorial.

Feedback and comments always welcome.

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