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Originally Posted by Septok View Post
I feel that the first Warsmith there is a bit too lord-y. The whole kind of hulking guy with a hammer and cloak. However, the first one looks better to me.

Besides that, pretty great work so far.
Diakablos is the Lord of the warband and because he is an Iron Warrior he is still a Warsmith. So I'm actually okay with that. I'm just not sure for a conversion contest it has enough of a conversion to compete.

As far for Karnak, I'm not sure what else I can add to it.

What I was able to do was use loyalist weapons and wargear as scavenged wargear from battle.

I'm almost finished with my Havoc Rocket Launcher squad. I used the loyalist rockets because I thought they were simpler and a bit more manoeverable. I thought they looked a bit more "Iron Warriorish." I'll be back on later to post them.

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