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Originally Posted by Midge913 View Post
Now that that is out of the way, new guy is looking good.
Originally Posted by djinn24 View Post
My standard use brush is my size 2 as series 7 tend to run a bit small.
Thanks guys for the tips and praises. The brushes have arrived and are still in their tubes... I'm almost afraid trying them out... but will tonight.

I have however finished the marine and here are the result.

And some closeups.

As always... give me the hard cold truth... anything you can tell me that will make my minis look better next time is very much appreciated.

Things I'd like to do better (in no special order):
- Glowing eyes... how cool isn't that?
- Urban basing... There are so many ways to do this cool.
- Freehand texting... It can always get smaller...
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