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Default Necron reanimation protocol & resurrection orb

I have a quick question concerning the Necron reanimation protocol & resurrection orb. I know in the latest FAQ it states the bearer and of the Orb and his unit can roll reanimation protocol even if the bearer has been killed. I'm clear on that. The question is if the entire squad his killed the reanimation protocol cannot be used. Is this the case if the squad has a Lord with a resurrection orb and the entire unit is killed or can the reanimation protocol still be rolled?

I think the reanimation rule would stand and reanimation rolls would not be able to be made if the unit is completely whipped out. However, if the lord is killed and some or one of his unit remains the reanimation rolls could still be made at the benefit of the resurrection orb as per the FAQ.

Am I missing something or does this sound correct?

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