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Thanks for the feedback! I was tight on points so only 5 combi weaps per Stern squad, as well as only three heavies per Devo squad. I could potentially free up points with Tac heavy weapon switch, or switching out drop pods, though aren't they the best delivery option for Sterns? And I just felt like getting a couple of lascannons in the list. Wouldn't I want to combat squad the tac squads and split the special weapons up..with the assault weapon going in the rhino and the longer range heavy weapon sitting back and shooting? And for the land raider, I figured if I made it a heavy choice it could objective grab in that 1/6 chance of getting the game in which heavies are objective holders. I don't need more than two heavy slots as is, though I would love to fit in a TFC.

I'm very new to Loyalist marines, so any help is appreciated!

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