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Originally Posted by Zaden View Post
Captain - Terminator Armour, TH/LC - 165 pts
Thunderhammer & Lightning Claw? Good grief! I'm not sure but this seems like one bad ass Captain.
Termies x5 - TH/SS - 200 pts
Always nice. I assume Tue Captain goes here?
Sternguard x10 - 3x combi-melta, 2x combi-plasma, Drop Pod - 310 pts
Sternguard x10 - 3x combi-melta, 2x combi-plasma, Drop Pod - 310 pts
Why only 5 combi per squad? Usually with Sternguard you want to try and max out the Combi options.
Tactical Squad x10 - meltagun, lascannon, Rhino - 220 pts
Tactical Squad x10 - meltagun, lascannon, Rhino - 220 pts
Ok, Las are nice, but, a Missile Launcher will free up points and its free. Plus, the ML is great for tank and hordes as it allows you to switch ammo when fired. Combat squad these guys and send the ML and Meltagun out in the Rhinos for some possible tank hunting or MC killing.
Devastators x5 - 3x missile launchers - 135 pts
Devastators x5 - 3x plasma cannons, Drop Pod - 200 pts
Land Raider Redeemer (for Termies/Captain) - 240 pts
This Landraider can act as a dedicated transport for the Termies, no need to take up a Heavy slot with it.
Captain can switch between TH and LC, depending on target. Stormshield did not seem worth the loss of an attack. Sternguard can combat squad depending on what they deepstrike beside (If its a landraider, meltas can open it up and plasmas can decimate 2+ saves). Seriously considered just using 5 combi-meltas, could go either way. Tacticals can combat squad if need be to hold a home objective or two. Devastators start on the table. Extra drop pod is to get an odd number.

All comments appreciated!
Well, it looks like an interesting list. I think the Drop Pods may be a hindering point as they drop, sit, get blown up and used for victory points.
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