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Eldur stood in front of the intricate circles of the Kallimatar, alone in master Mirran's room. Eldur had spent painful gruelling hours upon hours in the first 3 months of his training, learning and mastering the Kallimatar. Words had almost been non exitent, as when Eldur and the master had spent time in the desert under a vow of silence. Eldur and Mirran knowing each other well enough, that intent and meaning could be communicated in body language alone. And master Mirran had demanded perfection in the kallimatar, every step, every turn, every movement with hand and arm precise and agile. The Kallimatar was also exhausting, its training had increased both endurance and agility of Eldur, as it had forced him into positions, that he only thought possible by contortionists in the travelling theater troupes.

And where most masters might go in and correct a form by word, contact or a wooden stick, master Mirran had used fire and heated metal rods, forcing Eldur to draw upon his own powers and control over the furies of fire to protect himself from the heat, while he still had to control the Kallimatar. It had been impossible at times, and a few new burn scars had been added to his arms and legs, nothing new to Eldur, what had been most frustrating for Eldur, was that master Mirran had simply refused to even discuss the new abilities he was to learn, not untill he had mastered the Kallimatar.

Now 5 months into his training, Eldur understood why he had to master the Kallimatar before beginning on his new abilities, its movements designed to emulate fire, living fire had made him understand and come even closer to the fire furies. And discussing and training his new abilites without this knowledge would simply have been foolish. Eldur also realised that even thou learning the Kallimatar from the beginning as a novice would have improved his training in early life, he and most other novices would not have had the patience and dedication that it would have been possible. At least not without a lot frustration and anger involved. So not only had Eldur been taught new abilities and greater control over himself and firefuries, he had also been taught a valuable lesson in how to teach, if he ever would find himself becoming a instructor.

Still standing infront of the Kallimatar circles, Eldur closed his eyes and took the stance that would begin the Kallimatar, that movement alone enough to attract the attention of Kebakaran from its playground in master Mirran's fireplace. Slowly releasing his breath, eyes kept close, Eldur let his right foot follow the inside of the first circle, as his body crumbled almost into itself, like stacked firewood in a bonfire that looses its structure. Then began the dance of the ember, the deep orange glow, its comforting heat. The furies around eldur becoming attracted to the Kallimatar, Kebakaran in front in its peaceful mood. The temperature in the room rising slightly, the furies in the embers of master Mirran's fireplace beginning to become exited with anticipation.

As Eldur progressed through his peaceful movements, they began to become slightly more erratic like little flames. Just like what would happen when wood would be placed in a fireplace with only embers left, and a soft breeze would breathe life into the embers, and the heat would catch the fresh firewood. Kebakaran followed Eldur's movements, running up and down his arms. Other fire furies circling around Eldur waiting anticipating. The embers in the fireplace lighting up.

The movements developed into more flowing powerful forms, as the dance moved into emulating a strong fire. Kebakaran was beginning to transform into his mood of the fierce protector, the temperature in the room raising several degrees. The furies in the fireplace had come to life, burning brigthly. And dozens of other furies was playing around Eldurs flowing body, emulating living fire perfectly.

Then came the hardest parts of the movements, the part where the fire turned into a inferno. The kind of fire that burns down forests, that sucks out all oxygen of the air, the kind of heat that evaporates water before it hits the fire, the kind of heat that melts rock. Eldur moved around incredible fast, Kebakaran almost manifesting itself, every other fire fury moving in and out of the kallimatar with blinding speed, all exited and furious. The heat in the room almost unbearable, like standing in direct sunlight in the desert with no shade for hours and dehydrated. The furies in the fireplace, almost blinding in there excitement.

But as furious, fast and powerful that part of the dance is, it is also short, as most infernoes like that exhausts itself burning out, so did Eldur go through the movements of the dying flame, the furies slowing down, relaxing. The temperature dropping in the room, the fire in the fireplace dying down. Kebakaran slowly turning back into its mood of companion and encouraging heat, telling Eldur how proud it has become, by how it moves with him in the Kallimatar. Turning into a ember with Eldur, as the movements ends.

As Eldur rised from the middle of the circles, he sensed he was not alone, snapping eyes open he was met by Mirran, a beaming smile all over his face, Eldur couldn't help smile back, his confidence rising with the pride the master so obviously showed. But as usual Master Mirran didn't draw out his sentiments sending Eldur back to his qualm with these words.

"You have learned well once more young one. The skills that you came to learn have been learned, but remember that they take a lifetime to master. Go, your Qalm will have need of you shortly"

As Eldur returned to his qalm, he could feel the others anticipation of what was to happen, as he was sure they could feel his. All had learned something new, all had become stronger, all was ready for what life and duty would throw at them. Eldur wen't over to his equipment and checked it over, awaiting what ever was to come.

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