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I'm worried.

Apart from Ward or Cruddace possibly writing the book, (I'll only accept Kelly unseen, would have to thoroughly read any Cruddace book to make sure it's not ruined, and won't touch it if it's Ward's regardless) having seen the terrible new range of Chaos SM models suggesting they've left their miniatures designs over to absinth-laden monkeys (Dark Vengeance notwithstanding - talking about their retarded flyer and mini-titan) - AND the sketchy details on stealth suits (just about none) coupled with the stagnant rumour mill this close to release...

There's about 1000 more ways this can go wrong than right.

Especially considering the plastic Tau Barracuda flyer has been finished for 3 years and is still unreleased - suggests an immense lack of confidence in Tau sales from GW's side. They've botched something alright.

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