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Originally Posted by The Sturk View Post
If you are playing Apocalypse, they should expect things like those to show up...to me that's kinda what Apocalypse is about.
Indeed it is, although if you're opponent don't have the opportunity to also bring some big stuff of his own Apoc games can quickly become very one sided. So as much as you should expect big stuff, it is in no way necessary to make Apocalypse as fun as it is. Generally both sides should have an equal amount of big stuff (+ or - 1 or 2 depending on points size).

Just bringing titans to stomp newbies is a douchebag move.

Rant aside, Titans are what Apocalypse is all about so acquiring these engines of destruction should be on every apocalypse players to-do list.

I myself have an old armorcast warhound (with cheese lasers) and several baneblade variants. Especially my Stormblade has a special place in my heart (and so does making strange noises when firing that lovely plasma blastgun).

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