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"We are still sticking to Izrael's plan. However, neither of you will know Zurick's position. I will, being the team lead. This may seem like bad coordination but trust me...its better if the two of you don't know where he is."

Izrael wanted to point out the stupidity of the statement, better for your own team to be in the dark in a coordinated battle, better to be a legion of individuals than a unit?

He opened his mouth yet even as the siren rang out Ryan added.

"Remember, timing is... everything"

Izrael was too busy running, helm on, bolter in his hands to shout back yet beneath his helm he silently fumed. He had know the pair were a team of one, yet to make such a change to his own plan... what was the point of having him make the plan anyway.

It had been a good plan, could still be a good plan. He was sprinting, his building already chosen from the wander to the deployment zone, high giving him a good angle from return fire and a better angle over the statues not to mention a good clean view of brother Solaki.

He sprinted up the stairs, pushing onto the roof, from the corner of his eye seeing Brother Ryan upon the roof. Even as he dropped, his plan went to shit, a single millisecond forcing him to rethink his whole approach. A flicker of movement at a corner, something moving away and out of sight even as he hit the deck shuffling backwards to shield himself from incoming fire, eyes peaking over to scan building and its surroundings.

No movement, if he had been spotted, they wouldn't poke a head back around.

Frantically he re evaluated, opening the coms with a snarl.

"I'm compromised, movement at corner 3 of inner building 3 setting a diversion and relocating down one floor. Ryan you have the hawk eye, please note hostiles are aware we overlook the courtyard. Hostiles are aware. Ground units be advised of possible flanking maneuver on my building, any assistance would be appreciated, I prefer my arse to be free of chainswords when I'm on overwatch."

He paused, a final grunt

"Once again, Ryan you have the high ground, I will be maintaining radio silence from now on."

With a hiss he unlocked his helm and tore it from his head, the crackling of the radio suddenly in his left ear as he placed the helm on its side. Positioning it carefully at an angle to show the slightest slither of black over the edge even as he shuffled backwards before slipping off the roof and into the stairwell below.

One floor down he stood flat against the wall of the window and held his position, the seconds ticking by in his head even as he strained his ears for any sounds of movement below, listening for the sounds that would decide his next move.

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