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Team Gold:

The siren indicating the start of the scenario wails loud for a moment, and new mechanisms throughout the cavernous chamber can be heard adjusting to it, final perimeter walls rising up around the scenario for instance.

Astartes move fast, and the hammer and anvil swing apart as solidly as they would in the hand of an expert blacksmith. All of you pass by the walls of the three perimeter buildings on your starting edge and into the street; armor lightly clanking undisturbed by any voices for the time being.

Raxan and Raziel move off to the left and find cover in the street diaganolly outside the central ring of buildings that surround the courtyard. Raziel's movements ever so slightly different from Raxan's. From the perspective of someone inexperienced these differences would go largely unnoticed, but to Raxan it is crystal clear that Raziel's time in the deathwatch has altered the typical stride of the Scythes.

The same clarity is noticed from Kain, as the motion of Cleomenes' movements next to him just feels off from the rest of his brothers.

In their cover, Raxan and Raziel can already see bits of Solaki's massive form beyond the circle of pillars and other forms of cover between the two diagonal facing buildings in front of them. However, they cannot see anyone on the opposing team yet.

Kain and Cleomenes hit the wall, taking cover on the backside of the closest building to them that lays adjacent to the courtyard, Raxan and Raziel now out of sight.

Kain peers ever so slightly around the corner of the building. Fortunately, his bionic eye is better than his natural one, and he spots a glimpse of Izrael getting into a prone position atop the building opposite, looking over the courtyard. Kain immediately pulls his head back behind the wall.

I suggest Ramo post first, informing the team about Izrael's position. Then decisions need to be made about to deal with this information. Remember you are astartes bred for war and can take Izrael's position and think of a multitude of possibilities as to where his teammates positions are based on his own. Coordination is also important, of course.

Raxan and Raziel, do you move up along the street and stay on the opposite side of the buildings from the courtyard? You also have the option of moving into the closest building instead. You can also move into the courtyard directly, with caution or dash to Solaki.

Cleomenes and Kain If you try to cross the street you will surely be seen, so your options feel a bit more limited initially, but there are ways around this. Cleomenes, of the four Team Gold Members perhaps because of the higher variety of chapter roles, battles experienced, time outside the galaxy with the rogue trader or hell maybe just your odd natural intuition, you are the only one of the four who gets a sudden gut feeling that something is already wrong.

Team Black:

The siren indicating the start of the scenario wails loud for a moment, and new mechanisms throughout the cavernous chamber can be heard adjusting to it, final perimeter walls rising up around the scenario for instance.

As the team is double checking their weapons and armor Ryan says to Izrael and Dymethus, "We are still sticking to Izrael's plan. However, neither of you will know Zurick's position. I will, being the team lead. This may seem like bad coordination but trust me...its better if the two of you don't know where he is.

Just before the siren goes off Ryan says to them further, "Remember, timing is... everything"

With the siren starting the match all four of you sprint off through the street toward your respective positions. Ryan and Izrael magnetizing their weapons to their armor and leaping onto the smooth metal walls of the two buildings facing diagonal adjacent to the courtyard, gripping to the window sills and leaping up further climbing to the rooftops.

Out the corner of his eye Izrael sees Ryan hit his prone position a second before himself bolter already drawn. Izrael brings up his own bolter and faces it over the courtyard but just as he does so he sees the slightest bit of movement behind the corner of the building opposite him on the ground. Its enough to know that at least one of the enemy is behind it and if he saw it, then they may have seen him.

Dymethus with pistol and chainsword in hand moves to his own position, sprinting in a straight line and stopping in cover just outside the circle of the courtyard. Solaki in a fairly clear view.

Neither Dymethus or Izrael see where Zurick has gone, but Ryan informs both of you that he is in position.

Izrael: knowing that your position may be compromised what do you do? Do you inform Ryan? Do you move or sit still and stick to the plan? Instinctively, you have already crawled backwards just a bit to be out of sight. If you wish to inform Ryan and want his response before making any further decisions let me know.

Dymethus: The chance to dart for Solaki seems to be upon you. There are no enemies visible and you know that Ryan and Izrael are covering the courtyard. You have not received any orders to move in and you know the plan ultimately does not call for gaining Solaki. But if you managed to gain him for the team how impressive would that be? Its your call, you can sit in cover and await further instructions or go fo the dreadnought.


You stand in place, restricted from moving, even turning, or voxing a word during the scenario unless you are 'activated'. You face to the side of the 'map', so that it is not easier to gun down one team over the other after initially being activated.

Your sensitive tomb still picks up a lot of information from the two teams, sounds and vibrations. Thin light green squares constantly informing your eyes of slightly adjusting light reflections for possible movement. Finally, standing here in the middle of this scenario, your mind is able to wander back to the odd dream you had while Laikus swapped out your parts.

While you wait to see what unfolds in the scenario, what do you think on the dream you had? Did it mean anything or was it all just random drug induced foolishness? It was the most gut wrenching, real feeling dream you ahve ever experienced. And the whispers that the rays of sunlight spoke to you seem to still flow through your ear drums.


You leave the young ones behind as you leave their training chambers alongside your brothers once more, having impacted the aspirants more than you may think. You part ways from them at an intersection in the ship's corridors unannounced.

Normally you would make toward your personal chambers, presumably, but this time you steer clear form there. You steer clear form the bridge, you steer away from the one Hangar currently in use, nor do you go to the medical bay. You dont even go to the reclusiam.

This time, you go deep into the ship's underbelly. You walk through now long-dead scenes of mass servitor work. Offline mechanisms remain still and the only sound is the hum of the ships enormous engines. Normally, a brother of the chapter would never walk these parts of The Heart. But now it seems that when a heart lays in pieces, One can find themselves going from one piece to the other in ways that would have never led there before. And one can find themselves searching for something new in old places. You make your way through the darkness only by the nature of your enhanced eyes, eventually coming to a small port window in the side of the ship.

It is a confusing sight, and you realize human servants would be the ones coming down here to check up on the servitors, and it helped normal men not go insane if they could see something further beyond what was right in front of them.

You walk up to the small window and place your thumb and index finger on a small handle that connects to a metal slab used to cover the porthole during warp travel. You swing it back and forth mindlessly a few times, causing its hinges to squeak. You stare out the window and see dead Sotha now a spec of bright dirt in the distance as the ship moves away from its past.

Pick an event or two from Vermaas's past, and I want some good detail! Nothing from when Sotha was being attacked by Kraken please.

Keep in mind, everyone is moving at the same time. Therefore there will be no big upper hand in seeing what others post first before making your decisions. There may be a slight upperhand in some cases but I will be working on my end to make sure that effect is minimal. In other words, with the exception of Ramo posting first for team gold, no one should be waiting for others to post. Let's aim for two weeks again, please.

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