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Kain recieved the message to meet in training area epsilon, one of the largest chambers on board the actual vessel. It was so big that it allowed several different environments to be used, and was a good way to keep your mind sharp and to practice objectives that you may be set in a warzone. He saw that most of the squad he had just commanded were there, as well as the damnable Cleomenes and the two silent marines in Ryan and Zurick. Interesting how they would be divided into teams, it was obvious that they were here for one reason and one reason alone. Practice.

Veteran Sergeant Tobias had been there sometime in devising the scenario and who would be on what team obviously, several servitors in front of him at control stations listening to his commands. All the marines were wearing their power armour, though only Zurick had his helm on at the moment, Kain having his tucked underneath his arm.

“Well everyone is here. I intended to have Brother Zeiran join us as well but found Alexander demanded his presence. Since Brother Dymethus was near Solaki, I had him agree to fill in. And Vermaas is lost somewhere in the ship it seems."

Kain turned to see Dymethus there and nodded his greetings towards him. He was a young marine, having just become one and had a future to serve the Emperor and mankind. He was picked up early on Miral when they were defending from the hive fleet. Solaki moved under Tobias direction to the center of the field, most obviously the objective for the marines today.

When Solaki was in position Tobias gave a command to the servitors. “Theorize: Urban scenario Charlie, central ojective, two teams, set and apply to field.” The field instantly changed, metal works sprouting from the deck to form an impressive looking combat environment.

Tobias begans his instruction to the assembled marines, “You’ll be split into two teams. Team Black will consist of Ryan, Zurick, Dymethus, and Izrael. Team Gold will consist of Kain, Cleomenes, Raxan, and Raziel. The goal is to kill the opposing team. Solaki is the center of the map and represents the winning weapon, currently neutral and offline. Whichever team has one of their members touching Solaki with one hand for a duration of 60 seconds awards him to the team. No one from the other team can be in contact with him at the same time. If one team gains Solaki, the other can still win if they manage to kill the remaining infantry opponents. The dreadnaught cannot be destroyed. He will be using his own current weapon set up with non-lethal ammunition as well. I will be making the call when someone has been defeated as I can see everything from this station."

Kain almost sighed as he was put in the same team as Cleomenes, the damned marine thought himself superior to all seeing how he hadn't got his hands dirty in years, travelling with a trader would do that to a man.

“Two members from each team are to take a bolter, and two a chainsword and pistol. Get to your starting positions. I will signal when to start. The time limit is however long it takes one side to win. The only thing the Heart is doing is travelling through space, after all."

Weapon racks rose from the floor revealing the weapons, Kain moving forward to take a bladed chainsword and a bolt pistol. He slid the bolt back all the way to prime it. He heard Raxan talk to Cleomenes, something about a past battle and splitting the squad up into two, pairing Cleomenes and Kain together.

Kain trusted his brothers judgement, and knew exactly why he did it, but knew that neither marine would ever get along. Cleomenes was too arrogant to up himself. Kain hadn't enough experience in his eyes. It mattered not to Kain, he cared not what a washed up old marine thought of him as Cleomenes turned to talk to him, the smile on his face blatantly false. ‘This is deliberate, you know? You and I?’ He smiled falsely. ‘Let’s keep the petty bickering to a minimum. I wouldn’t want to hurt you in front of all these brothers, boy.’

Kain turned to Cleomenes before he responded. "I have no problem working with you brother, I'm not an idiot I know this is deliberate. Also I'm not a boy old man, and I'm pretty certain the time you have spent in luxury has made it so that you couldn't hurt me if you tried "brother"." He responded before he put his helm on. Cleomenes was the least of his worries, but he wouldn't pander to the delusions of a marine who thought himself above others.

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