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Name: Gaius Holden

Age: 28

Appearance: Gaius stands at 6 foot exactly, with a slim athletic build. Whilst he isn’t overly muscled like other convicts in the penal legion he has a very slight and thin build, having to blend in with the majority of convicts that exist in the Penal legion. As he doesn’t want to draw too much attention to himself he constantly tries to fit in, not make a scene and be able to survive in jail with killers and murderers.

His eyes are a dark green, a trait that he received from his mother, whilst his hair is straight and blonde just like his father, kept as tidy as he can actually keep it though it is longer than he would like. Whilst it is kept neatly combed, it is not as clean as he would like it either, knowing that if he did clean it then he wouldn’t fit in as well as he does. His face is handsome though he covers it in dirt when he thinks that it looks a bit too clean, once again blending in with the crowd.

Quirk: When Gaius finds himself in difficult situations, or where he needs to make a choice that he cannot make he leaves it all to chance. With a simple flick of a coin he lets fate decide for him.

Background: Born on the industrial world of Animaris Prime to a family that owned the largest oil fields on the planet Gaius’s life was meant to be perfect. As the eldest of his siblings he would one day inherit the oil fields that supplied the Imperial Guard war effort and live a comfortable life, one far removed from the pain and suffering of others.

His father, Claudius Holden payed for the best and brightest to tutor each of his four children, Gaius, his younger brother and two sisters. Gaius at a young age started to act up, believing that he would be able to do what he liked, his father paying little attention to him as he tried to run an oil Empire, leaving it down to his mother who had her hands full with his siblings. Gaius yearned from freedom from his studies and after each session with his tutors, who reportedly directly to his father and would tell him if he didn’t attend or do well, would head into the streets, disguised cleverly so he would not attract attention to himself. The only thing he loved anywhere as near to the freedom he got when he was out of the household was the occasional trips that his father would take him on to the planet’s moon where they would hunt together, Gaius learning how to become a decent shot.

He was 16 when he first started gambling, years of walking the streets had taught him how to blend in, how to leave his image of a wealthy person behind, even though he lost more than his fair share of money when he was younger as he didn’t learn fast enough. He soon developed a taste for gambling, as well as drinking and women, and was a local at several brothels and back alley pubs. He didn’t manage to keep this entire secret from his father, though every effort to stop Gaius from doing what he wanted met with failure. To begin with when he first started his whoring he would throw his cash around with wanton abandon. Even though to begin with he was followed by thugs who wanted to take his money, he always managed to obey them even though he never ran. He was and still is a lady’s man, being able to get cheaper prices due to his good looks and stamina.

His brother hated his carefree attitude, the fact that Gaius didn’t seem to care about actually running what his father had created, and was worried that if Gaius did get his inheritance then he would ruin everything his father had done, and as a consequence would destroy his own family. After years of pleading with Gaius to change his ways, all of which failed he decided to take more drastic measures. He saw an opportunity to gain control and remove the two obstacles that were in his way, Gaius and his father. Using his brother’s hunting knife he slit his father’s throat in his study and left the knife in Gaius’s room, Gaius being out for the night drinking and whoring.

Gaius managed to stumble home and awoke the next day in his room as the local arbites stormed in, arresting him for murdering his father. At the trial his brother testified against him, saying he had came home drunk and got in an argument with his father, slitting his throat with the hunting knife when his father said if he didn’t change his ways then he wouldn’t run the oil Empire. Gaius was sentenced to a life sentence, and his brother inherited the Empire. While Gaius knew that normally he would have been killed for such an act, he was a learned individual, and intelligent enough to be able to weasel his way out of the death sentence demanded. It was lucky that the magistar was female, and Gaius was able to play on this to get a lighter sentence. Gaius knew he hadn’t killed his father; something which his brother confirmed to him as he had a minute with him before Gaius was taken away, telling him he did it for the family’s sake.

Gaius saw the Penal legion as a way out of the hell that was prison, hating being confined in a cell for any amount of time, and even though he puts his life on the line by doing so, it is much better than dying in prison as a shell of a man.

Reason for induction: The murder of his father that he did not commit.
Reaction to induction: Gaius hates that he is fighting in some of the worst environments, and with some of the worst equipment and men possible.

However he believes that there was no choice, and would rather die in an open world, than being shanked or dying inside a cell. He cares not for the Emperors forgiveness as he knows he did nothing wrong, and if the Emperor was a god like others claimed then he would have punished his brother and not him.

Relic: The last remaining relic he has is a coin that his father gave him when he turned 18. While worth nothing it is engraved by his father and is the last remaining thing he has left of his past life, something which he holds onto dearly.

Specialist skill: Whilst he leaves everything down to chance Gaius can blend in with a crowd easily, having had to do it in his previous life so that none of the workers that he hung out with knew he was actually an heir to a vast oil based Empire. He has learnt how to move silently, and has a way with the ladies, though there are few in the Penal legion.

Relationship with other characters: Gaius is generally a friendly guy, though he keeps much of his past hidden. His ultimate goal is to escape one day and either get revenge on his brother or settle down somewhere where he can once again immerse himself into society.

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