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Laikus had been working on some new project a lot recently, it was always the same when Dymethus was instructed to report to the Armoury. He never knew if the projects were secret or not but had learned that Laikus did not like to talk about or share his work, so they may as well have been. Having finished this morning’s list of tasks he took a moment to himself at the Omnissian Shrine in the Armoury, upon rising again he then entered the testing area to see what else he could help with. Laikus set him to clearing up the devastation caused by Solaki’s new weapons, Dymethus assumed that this was the result of Laikus’ latest project.

Solakai, like the rest of the chapter, was more someone he knew of as opposed to someone he knew. Laikus & Tobias were the only brothers who came close to being someone he knew and he would class either of them as people he knew, yet. Dymenthus barely noticed the arrival of Ryan & Zurick entered the testing room but eagerly accepted Ryan’s offer of training alongside the dreadnought and proceeded to aid Laikus in switching Solaki’s ammunition to the specialist training versions for his various weapons. Once Solaki was prepared for the training they all walked to the training area.

"I have yet to see you in battle Brother" Solaki commented. "I trust you are as diligent in battle as you are in serving Laikus."

“I have not yet had the chance to prove myself in battle,” Dymethus responded solemnly, “I look forward to having the opportunity and can only hope to distinguish myself in a similar manner to the likes of yourself and the other survivors of Sotha.”

Upon arrival at training area Epsilon several of the participants were already in attendance, upon his introduction by Ryan Dymethus found himself the centre of attention as the others welcomed him. Returning handshakes and greeting in kind. It was an unexpected honour to partake in a training exercise with so many veterans of Sotha especially those who could be considered ‘favoured’. Dymethus Knew them all by reputation, though Raxan stood out, there was something about him that was more familiar than the others. He couldn’t help thinking ‘where do I know you from?’ as he responded to the veteran marine’s greeting.

“Thank you Brother, it is an honour to train with you.”

“Theorize: Urban scenario Charlie, central objective, two teams, set and apply to field.” Tobias' voice cut them off

As the room is redefined according to Tobias’ instruction Dymethus finds himself wondering what the machinery to create this looks like, how it works and if it is more impressive that what he can currently see.

“You’ll be split into two teams. Team Black will consist of Ryan, Zurick, Dymethus, and Izrael. Team Gold will consist of Kain, Cleomenes, Raxan, and Raziel. The goal is to kill the opposing team. Solaki is the center of the map and represents the winning weapon, currently neutral and offline. Whichever team has one of their members touching Solaki with one hand for a duration of 60 seconds awards him to the team. No one from the other team can be in contact with him at the same time. If one team gains Solaki, the other can still win if they manage to kill the remaining infantry opponents. The dreadnaught cannot be destroyed. He will be using his own current weapon set up with non-lethal ammunition as well. I will be making the call when someone has been defeated as I can see everything from this station."

During Tobias’ outline of the scenario Dymethus doned his helmet and after the others had had chosen their weapons picked up the remaining bolt pistol, chainsword & a few additional clips, a little surprised that Izrael has taken the bolter and not them. Dymethus followed the Ryan, Zurick and Izrael to their start point and listened to the bold plan outlined by Izrael. The instant acceptance by Ryan and Zurich without an discussion was a surprise, Dymethus had expected some level of discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the strategy and had to remind himself this was a combat exercise not a training session.

As he took up his designated position, Dymethus couldn’t help wondering if the past and future dynamic of the team was deliberate, with their opponents representing the present? He decided not to mention this as the others had largely ignored his presence, maybe he should consider a dash for Solaki if the opportunity presents itself.

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