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“Perhaps,” Ryan muttered, his place slowing to walk just a little ahead of Izrael, the pace of Zurick never dropping his head refusing to turn, stoic and unbending

“Its always hard to say whether or not you’re thinking the exact same as someone else. We find this state of being pathetic, for an astartes chapter. We know our luck hasn’t been too kind, and we know time must be spent rebuilding to make the chapter strong and active again. Perhaps we are just impatient, but under past leadership, things seemed to get done much faster. When we come out of our ‘down time’, Zurick and I would like to make sure that at least some of us who are still alive are ready to shape this chapter into the weapon it needs to be in order to make sure the galaxy knows not to anger us in the future. The way the Chapter was, in all its glory as Kraken rained down hell upon our Sotha, it wasn’t good enough to stop it.”

His words were like an echo, a pale, distorted version of Izrael's own feelings, his own disparity towards the dilapidation and mediocrity oozing into the chapters ethos.

He found himself a little dissapointed that the chapters most resilient critics could not match the burning fury within his own heart, the contemptuous anger seering as he looked upon the "symbol" of the new born scythes.

Or perhaps they were unwilling to unleash the true extent of their delusion to an outsider, to reach out completely beyond there brotherhood of two... nonetheless they had reached out... and to him, they honoured him with their attention.

Zurick's voice was harsh and cold, the cracking whip of failure setting his thoughts fleeing into the darkness

“And yet,....the Ultramarines did.”

Ryan nodded, the shame burning in his eyes, the words casting a sour note across the conversation
“Which means it was possible for us to defend our homeworld as well; in our eyes, at least. But maybe we’re just rebels,” his smile was devious, a hint of ire in his voice

“who are still pessimistic and butt-hurt over three of our beloved squad mates getting torn apart on Ferim and wish to remain separated from the rest of the Scythes just because we feel like it.”

There walk was interrupted as they moved into one of the battle simulation chambers and Ryan flexed as he spoke, his words emotionless as he turned upon Izrael

“Time for some training. We shall return shortly with others. We like your personality, but we must discover if you can work beside us in battle before anything further."

Further.... what was further, what plan had he become enveloped in, time to inquire further was denied him, a group gathering around Veteran Sergeant Tobias, sevitors clicking and whirring as they uploaded programs to transform the room before them.

In the center of the cavernous empty metal stood Brother Solaki, the dreadnaught immobile, in the center of the training room even as the order came and the room burst into life. It was as if the very earth was moving, every movement precise to the last milometer as civilization seemed to burst from the floor, metals cubes sliding to form silver brick buildings and Izrael found himself letting out a breathless chuckle.

“You’ll be split into two teams. Team Black will consist of Ryan, Zurick, Dymethus, and Izrael. Team Gold will consist of Kain, Cleomenes, Raxan, and Raziel."

A surreptitious glance at Ryan and Zurick made him wonder what had been said prior to the encounter, a small smirk spreading over his face at the irony of the colour choices.

The so called black sheep of the chapter cast in black, Sotha's golden boys cast in gold. Tobias was not the sort to make such bias, yet none the less a... yes... suprisingly it was pleasant, to be grouped apart from those he considered to be raised above their station, placed upon an undeserving pedestal.

His gaze took in Brother Dymethus, the fourth added in at the last moment, a few years his junior, little more than a lackey to Lakius, his fingers stained with grease and whatever other mechanical filth he had played with.

Izrael had never met him and had no desire to become closer acquainted, his eyes moving from Lakius, to the scene that had erupted around him eyes wandering ruthlessly across the depths, moving ever so slightly away from the group as he began to study his surroundings.

This was his moment, to earn respect in the eyes of some that had not already placed the bar, to show what he could to eyes devoid of paradigms.

This was his time to shine.

"The goal is to kill the opposing team. Solaki is the center of the map and represents the winning weapon, currently neutral and offline. Whichever team has one of their members touching Solaki with one hand for a duration of 60 seconds awards him to the team. No one from the other team can be in contact with him at the same time. If one team gains Solaki, the other can still win if they manage to kill the remaining infantry opponents. The dreadnaught cannot be destroyed. He will be using his own current weapon set up with non-lethal ammunition as well. I will be making the call when someone has been defeated as I can see everything from this station."

By the end of the briefing Izrael was smiling.

He had a plan.

They were moving towards their deployment zone, black cloth draped across their shoulder guards, a bolter clasped in Ryan's hands, pistol and chainsword clasped in Zurick's.

Without hesitation, like a schoolmaster to a pupil, Ryan's words hit him, teasing, almost casual,

"So, Brother Izrael, What strategy would you suggest?"

His response was instantaneous

"Brother Tobias has phrased the mission carefully to make the dreadnaught appear to be the objective, when in fact it is numbers that count towards victory. In doing so he has provided the perfect killing ground."

The surrounding buildings have height, i suggest we set up our two astartes with bolters on separate roofs that give clear lines of sight to the dreadnaught and allow us to have a better overview of the surrounding area."

We can then not only pick off any that attempt to come near the dreadnaught but also feed information to the two on the ground meaning they will be able to plan any attacks with precision instead of trusting to blind luck."

"The intention is to prevent Brother Solaki from ever becoming active, by unbalancing the game before it has begun."

He turned to the pair, who glanced at eachother, a half smile growing over Ryan's face and he growled "A sound plan. I will take lead."

Beneath his helm Izrael felt his own face split into a low smile as he hefted his bolter, his pride haunted by the single notion... no plan survives first contact with the enemy.

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