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well i've been through 3 reincarnations of this rp and 3 charactor reincarnations in this series and been there since the start so if you wish to keep it going I am most definitely in.

I started my rp with keeping this one in mind as my 6th rp on this site but I will admit from my side the gap with the site going down at such a critical time for izrael's development finding the banner etc really stopped my flow as I'm really struggling for a direction to take him with.

With this update the whole situation is a little difficult as where you are trying to give us freedom we are having to coordinate with so many people at once because no one wants to tread on any toes.

For me anyway one of ryan or zurick would have taken the lead of our group from a superiority stand point and i dont really know where to begin to be honest. I have my own plan in my own head for what I want to do and I'm still in and still intending to post

So you've got three, i understand we have had a lot of losses,i guess we need to know how many you would need to keep this going.

If it was to collapse it really hasn't gone far enough for you to restart it with the same setting even the same style intro post but just different charactors. I get its not ideal but whose to say whilst kain and co are down on sotha collecting cleomenes, another team with another agenda aren't doing something else for the good of the chapter even on sotha...?

I wouldn't say this is the time to end the scythes in any sense, as i'm sure you have an overall plot, and you have a great little backstory to work off of.

Being fair, par resurrection expert midge and the claw i dont think there is are many rps that have survived the fall of heresy unscathed whilst i think the ideas you had for this rp really struggled with euphs decline to fleeting activity

All I can say is you can count me in but if you do decide to kill it off, i dont think that is goodbye to the scythes forever.

kudos to lillian thorne for the awesome sig
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