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Apologies for the delay on critiques but pms including critique have been sent to everyone except signatus as I was too knackered having already sent a fleet and I wouldnt give it a proper look tonight.

Hogglord, if you want to pm your charactor too me instead thats fine or email it, i believe my email if on my profile, i'm happy to look at it and brings us to 12 submissions.

Da: i wont be taking more than 12 and my attempted post turnover will be once every two weeks, so if you dont have the time i completely understand, but if you do want to submit your idea it will be taken into consideration.

Nonetheless though recruitment will close, due to sheer number of charactors, if we get drop outs I will happily replace them

3 charactors have been accepted and updated on the front sheet but alot of those not on there are high quality charactors who are just acquiescing to a few whims of mine that will also be accepted.

Thank you so much for getting involved, lets get this show on the road.

Any queries about my comments, slap em right back at me

kudos to lillian thorne for the awesome sig
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