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I don't understand your argument Lupe. You say that the Iron Warriors were in fact depicted well because the novel did not show their strength as an overwhelming siege tactic army... and yet, they were deployed in this book because of that reason. Fulgrim used the Iron Warriors to besiege the Eldar Fortress and to fortify their position while he sacrificed their primarch to the Dark Gods. Even as I write these words this story sounds stupid.

We couldn't even avoid the stereotypes if we wanted to. The whole novel they were building or sieging something. We all chose armies based on what we think about the novels, so a novel about the Iron Warriors because it was Perturabo's story should have bolstered their view in Warhammer fans. This story cannot do that for them. Contrary to every other legion that has been depicted thus far, having the author championing them. Even Fulgrim and his Emperor's Children were shown to have some awesome characters and badass ones, like Lucius. All we got in this novel were a bunch of characters from Storm of Iron and its spins that weren't very Iron Warriorish. It was really boring from an Iron Warrior Fan perspective. It was like seeing a prequel to something with the original characters just for the sake of having it.

To add to that, besides for the Storm of Iron gang, essentially every other Iron Warrior was depicted as a stereotypical back stabber even though the Iron Warriors had just turned traitor. I don't even think its fair to say that they had been tainted yet. Further supportive of my theory is that the Perturabo is seen to have a different concept and goal to the Heresy than Fulgrim or the other traitors. Plus, Erebus did not have a footing in the ranks.

So you had that, plus a bunch of random characters from other legions running around trying to screw up the two legions. Sound like another stupid story that we heard before? Sure as hell sounds like a Battle of the Abyss novel to me. So while some characters in this story were written well, others were just written in cliche format. I wonder if Battle for the Abyss had been written around this time, would it have been better praised? Especially now that people are okay with this idea of splinter cell astartes sneaking around and sabatoging legions. Following legions for miles in space, landing on planets occupied with two legion unnoticed. Managing to penetrate the defences of two legions and putting a bullet in the head of a primarch. Bad guys go ROAR and fight so blindly that they praticaly suck and have a hard time killing a few loyalists. I have seriously lost faith with who the heck is reading this stuff. Seriously, what the heck is going on? I suppose the new hard books were suppose to highlight a "new beginning" to the Heresy. A new beginning to bullshit.

Do you think I should have rated this novel any higher? An 8/10? I practically grin at this grade, and was about to put it lower. But its so hard to rate something when you have other people rating it a fricken 10/10! Are you serious? This book was just that fucking good huh? I can see it now, a bunch of french guys putting down their cigars and their mouths open in awe. MAGNEFIC! Tears rolling down their cheeks as their lives are complete. If I put it down at a 6 or 7, where I really think it should be, can you imagine the skew? It pratically means I fucking hate Graham McNeill and all his works, when in fact two of his Heresy Novel are in my top 5.

The novel is a piece of shit. My rate of the novel is only an alternative view and democratic way of putting it up without scaring the shit out of people. Is it so bad you shouldn't read it? Well fuck... as a heresy fan, its kind of hard to just say, "fuck it, I'm going to stop reading this shit," when in fact I've invested to much time and interest into it. I can only hope it gets better.

Whats worse is if I graded this novel as a third person. Can you imagine. I could just say, well who gives a fuck about Perturabo? I don't care. That, and what this novel brought as far as really interesting fluff or crap (depends on your view I guess). Then wow, this novel pretty much gives no contribution to the Heresy. I graded it the way I did, because I am a Iron Warrior fan, and Perturabo's story does interest me. But guess what? In the scheme of things, he's not that big of a player to most people. And I guess thats why people like the fact that his image as well as the Iron Warriors were tainted in the making of this book. It didn't matter to most people, and they got a Raven Guard shooting Fulgrim in the head. A few Iron Hands that could hold off two whole legions. A Salamander who is just the huggable type. Good shit all around for people who benefit with the Iron Warrior's legacy just being raped.

But you Lupe are an Iron Warrior fan. Quite interesting. As far as things go, Iron Warrior was pretty much the only other Iron Warrior novel to show the legions success. Unfortunately, Graham McNeill destroyed Honsou's success and the Iron Warrior Legion as a whole. This novel just adds to the fact that Graham McNeil uses this legion as canon fodder for his other works. Honsou made the Ultramarines awesome, in this novel, Fulgrim is the player and Perturabo the pawn.

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