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Default Adam - Human Windwalker

Master Y'nan was a master of the Wind furies in a way that only a fellow windwalker could understand. During the first few days his power became painfully obvious to Adam as he revised what the young man was capable of in comparison to where he wanted his skills to be. Y'nan taught him the finer aspects of the Furies true nature, lessons that Kike took as much interest in as Adam despite herself. As the early days passed, Adam could see what he needed to do. The specifics of these skillsets however seemed frustratingly difficult to master. In the first few weeks, Y'nan seemed focused on teaching Adam the mental disciplines required, lessons that thought tedious Adam committed himself to wholeheartedly.

Within the month Adam had begun to attempt real flight. Kike was a voice of encouragement during these times, a counter to Y'nan's more realistic critiques and advice. Progress came at a painstakingly slow pace much to the young man's chagrin. During one of the more trying days, Adam elected to spend the night in the open courtyard rather than his room.

You are frustrated? Angry at yourself? Kike spoke up, interrupting the silence. A light breeze cropped up and Adam took a breath before he decided to answer her.

'I am.' He said. 'I had learned the other skills at a far quicker pace. Why I struggle with this one I do not know.' He focused his power and levitated a few feet above the ground. This at least he could do, even if only for a short while. He raised himself to the top of a nearby tree just before his focus gave out and he balanced there with the practiced ease of a windwalker.

Your wings are still closed. Was her answer. You cannot fly unless you open them.

'That doesn't help.' Adam growled. The breeze grew into a stronger wind but Adam held his balance still.

A hawkling must be pushed from the nest before she learns to fly. Kike continued.

'You're a tulpa and a fury.' Adam hissed. 'You'd never faced that problem.' By now the wind was almost a vicious gale. Despite the tree rocking violently beneath him Adam still held firm and true.

Calm yourself! The hawk cried. Your anger is damaging the area! With a snap to attention Adam realized that the increasing wind had been his own ability running rampant. He reached out and calmed the air, looking around and hoping no other had seen him so close to losing control. He took several deep breaths and focused again, trying to fly to the ground but managing no more than a steady glide. He shook his head and punched the ground in frustration before settling down beneath the tree and resting...

* * *

More time passed, weeks, months. Yet still the young windwalker had made little progress. A few days shy of three months into his training, he sat with Master Y'nan once the day's lesson was over and asked to talk.

'This is starting to frustrate me.' He began 'Months now, it's been months Master! Even learning to hide myself from sight did not take me this long. Those skills were so... Easy! Compared to this, this seems more and more... impossible.'

Y'nan met his eyes and answered. 'Nothing is impossible Adam.' His voice was stern but understanding. 'This will come to you in the same manner as your other skills. It will just take time and patience.'

He speaks wisdom. Kike interjected. You haven't done what I told you was needed. Adam repressed an annoyed growl and ignored her.

'I know, I can see my progress.' Adam replied to the elder elf. 'It just seems to have slowed down so much, and I fear I may have reached a plateau. Maybe this is as far as I'm going to get.'

You haven't spread your wings! Kike interrupted his thoughts again. Adam growled in frustration at her words, trying not to appear foolish as what she spoke could not be heard by the Master, only himself.

'Enough young warrior!' Y'nan silenced the negativity. 'No Tashiri Aria has ever failed to learn to fly. You will be no different. All that needs to happen is to find the way to train you. So tell me, What was your first power to develop?'

'Speed I suppose.' Adam answered, thinking back. 'Because I needed it to. I was forced to live as a thief from a young age until the Temple found me. By that time my wind abilities were detectable and I'd already developed the ability to heighten my agility and footspeed. But there was a primal drive behind that, I was running for my survival. Not just because it was a skill I wanted to learn.'

'And Invisibility? How did you master that technique?' Y'nan continued to probe.

'Much the same way. In the instances where I couldn't run, I was forced to hide. I willed the air to hide me, and over time it did. Again, that was a skill already half learned when I came here.'

Y'nan nodded. His eyes seemed to bore into Adam's, as though looking at something that was being hidden. He nodded again after a few minutes of thought before giving the young pupil his thoughts. 'Regardless of your doubts young one, I have no doubt that you will learn this skill. I think I may have a way. Leave me for the day, I have preparations to make.'

'As you wish. I thank you as always for your patience.' Adam replied with a bow, wondering if Y'nan felt as much frustration here as Adam did himself.

'I would not be much of an instructor Adam if I had no patience.' Y'nan said to Adam's leaving form, as though he had read the young windwalker's thoughts. 'Worry not, the block is simply like any other obstacle in life. You have one of several options. The first of which is to quit, and I daresay you should avoid that one. So if you are not going to quit, you must either go over it, around it, or through it.' He paused as Adam turned to meet his gaze for the final time that day. 'I will see you on the morrow. At first light if you please, we will have much to accomplish.'

Adam simply nodded to this and left.

* * *

'What could he mean?' Adam asked. 'He has a method?'

Probably some technique you haven't considered yet. Kike replied. As the young disciple approached the door he wracked his brain but was unable to think of anything. He knocked on the door and moments later entered. He took a look around the chamber, but was unable to see any sign of Master Y'nan.

'I wonder where he -' Adam's thought was interrupted by a sudden blast of air that threw him off balance. His fear grew as he sensed the manipulations of the air currents around him. The walls shimmered enough to allow passage and the blast that had taken hold of him hurled him through the gap. He was released, left to plummet the long distance to the ground below.

The flapping of fabric sounded in his ears and he managed to turn just enough to glimpse Y'nan a short distance above, following him down. Their eyes met for the briefest of moments, just enough for Adam to glean what Y'nan had planned. This was it, he would either fly or his training would be at an end. He spread his arms to try and arrest his fall slightly and give himself more time to focus.

Spread your wings! Kike called.

'You may not have noticed, but I don't have wings!' Adam hissed. 'So unless you have something helpful to add, shut up!'

He drove his will as deeply as he could, his focus competing with his rapid heartbeat for the center of his attention. He could feel the energy of the air furies coursing through him, the subtle manipulations that allowed him to be light on his feet or hide himself from sight. Why wouldn't they let him fly?

It's a metaphor you dolt! Kike screeched. You cannot wield the energies around yourself anymore! You have to let them flow through you, become not with the air, but of the air!

'I...' Adam stopped as he realized what Kike was saying. Not to make the air lift him but rather to make himself the same as air. To align himself with the same energy. 'I understand now...'

So... Kike continued. Spread...

Adam focused anew, letting his mind attune with the same patterns he commanded the air to take when he summoned whirlwinds and a veil of invisibility.


He attuned his own mental output to that of a flowing wind and drew it back within himself, becoming as the air itself when its rage was evoked.


Moments before impact, the energy peaked and Adam came to an abrupt halt mere meters from the ground before rising back up. He kept going, noting the sheer difference in the levels and type of focus required for this new craft. A smile came with little difficulty to his face as he looked out across the landscape below before he finally came to lock eyes with Master Y'nan.

'Very clever Master. Thank you.'

At that moment, Kike emitted a loud cry and triumph and manifested nearby, joining the duo in flight.

And thank you as well Kike. My apologies for not heeding your words sooner.

* * *

The training continued for a few more weeks, during which time Y'nan assisted Adam in refining his new skill as well as his existing ones. On what was to become the last day, Y'nan turned to Adam and said. 'The rest is up to you to master. Go, your Qualm needs you.'

Taking his leave with gratitude, Adam took to the air and returned back to where the others would meet. He entered his room via the window from outside, revising everything he had learned and noting the palpable aura of anticipation coming from the others nearby.

Something is up. Kike said.

'I agree.' Adam nodded. 'I think our vacation is over.'

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