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Originally Posted by Zion View Post
Very nice find. Have some rep!

Sadly your link doesn't seem to work.
2nd link should be to http://s1358.beta.photobucket.com/us...lanan/library/ I think - lots of pics, and from the English copy too... bonus. The scenery looks like it could be decent (although covered in bits of bones, as GW usually do). Might be useable to make something to suit Ork, Orc or Skaven players as well...

Originally Posted by seermaster View Post
the white council is 60 euroes trolls 65 scenery i think 45 paint 35 trasgos goblin things 30 full set 100 narzag 15 captain traso 13 orces on wargs i think 35 fimbul 35 bolg 20 cazardos orcs 30 and finaly i think the rule book is 65 all in euroes enjoy
And punctuation is free...
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