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Originally Posted by Reaper45 View Post
And as I recall I stated that I didn't like that they flipped the books off either.

Like I said before they could have told a thousand stories about the other spartans II's They didn't instead they decided to have a super secret Spartan 3 program interacting with all characters. While I'm not against having other spartans in the game they detracted allot from master chief instead of being the last hope of humanity they created another group that can do the job just as well. Like I said before Nobel six is hyper lethal rated. Same as MC.
First off how would any normal soldier know the difference between a team of Spartan-IIs and Spartan-IIIs? They wouldn't, all they would see is Spartans. They wouldn't know that Noble Team was apart of ONI rather than NavSpecWarCOM. In fact few outside of the Spartan-IIs would see Noble Team and know that they weren't Spartan-IIs. Its called hiding in plain sight.

Second how was Noble Team another last hope for humanity when they all died, expect for Jun? I never got the sense that Six or Noble Team were a last hope for humanity, maybe the last hope of Reach that ultimately died with Reach. But then like I said before I had a strong sense that Noble Team won't survive the game. At most they stalled the Covenant and made sure Cortana got off Reach. The Chief has always been the big hero of the series, Noble Team was just another band of heroes in the universe and who happened to be among those that helped Chief (though without his knowledge) get to the point where he could be the savior of humanity and the galaxy, like the Arbiter, Johnson, Keyes, (both of them) Halsey, Mendez, Sam, Kelly and all the other Spartan-IIs.

As for the Hyper-lethal rating that was solely because he, like the Master Chief was being played by the player. Also do you honestly think that out of both Spartan Programs that the Chief would be the only one with that rating? That there couldn't be another Spartan just as combat effective as him?

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