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Originally Posted by Akatsuki13 View Post
No that wasn't actual criticism of the plot.

No you were complaining against the story they decided to tell, not actual criticism of the plot of the story they told. Its the same as complaining that the main character of the Lord of the Rings trilogy wasn't Bilbo, the star of the Hobbit. Or complaining about how in ODST you played as the Rookie instead of the Master Chief.

Bungie, like with ODST wanted to tell the story of someone else, to show that the Halo universe isn't just about the Master Chief and Cortana. There are other heroes out that do deserve a bit of the spotlight and what better way to do that than to have us play as them. Truth be told while I liked playing as Noble Six I loved the rest of Noble Team more. I want to see more of them in other material like novels.

Now DeathJester had valid criticisms of Halo Reach's plot revolving around the battle of Reach and how it was done, I disagree with him but I understand where he's coming from. You on the other hand... all I'm getting from you is that you didn't like it because it didn't revolve around the Master Chief which is a weak argument because it wasn't intended to revolve around him.

Also I gotta tell I didn't read any of the novels until months after I had first played Halo 1 and you know what despite knowing next to nothing about Keyes I felt a sad and angry when he was consumed. In fact I actually wanted Chief to prime a grenade and stick into the hole he made retrieving his implants. Like I said before after playing Halo Reach I want to see more done with Noble Team. And I have to admit when I saw Kat get sniped for the first time I screamed 'No!'. Going into the game I kind of expected that Noble Team wasn't going to make but despite I still felt something for them each time one of them fell, more so than when Miranda and Johnson died.
And as I recall I stated that I didn't like that they flipped the books off either.

Like I said before they could have told a thousand stories about the other spartans II's They didn't instead they decided to have a super secret Spartan 3 program interacting with all characters. While I'm not against having other spartans in the game they detracted allot from master chief instead of being the last hope of humanity they created another group that can do the job just as well. Like I said before Nobel six is hyper lethal rated. Same as MC.
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