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Originally Posted by DivineEdge View Post
So I think an eldar shooting lists seems to be the way to go. Here is a totally different list. I like it more then the first two.

Farseer Bel Annath - 175
Cheap Autarch - Mandiblasters, Power Weapon, Fusion Gun - 100

Troops -
3 Jetbikes - 66

3 Jetbikes, Shurricannon - 76

3 Jetbikes, Shuricannon - 76

10 Avengers, Exarch, Bladestorm, Dual Catapults - 152
Serpent with 2 shuricannons - 110

10 Avengers, Exarch, Bladestorm, Dual Catapults - 152
Serpent with 2 shuricannons - 100

Heavy Support -

Nightspinner - 115

Nightspinner - 115

Warp Hunter -125

Warp Hunter - 125

Fire Prism - 115

Fire Prism - 115

Warp Hunter - 125

Nightspinner - 115

Oh you say. Vehicles are worse in 6th... Which means you brought no meltas? Dun Dun Duh....

This list could seriously blow you away early methinks. Would be expensive to put together, but really cool and awesome.

Puts down 10 tanks and 9 bikes.

Yep - really cool. I never brought this many tanks, even back in 5th.
Bastion 125 +Quad
Fire Dragons 112 +TH and CS

Bastion 125 +Quad
Fire Dragons 112 +TH and CS

Farseer BA 175

Autarch 135 +Jetbike/Power Lance/Mandiblasters/fusion gun

Jetbikes 66

Jetbikes 66

Jetbikes 66

Jetbikes 66

Warp Hunter x3 375
Fire Prism x2 230
Night Spinnter x3 345


Each dragon squad goes into a bastion, the Exarch handles the Quad and intercepts when flyers arrive, this allows the rest of the fire dragons to fire each of the 4 Heavy bolters which are all on one side. If there are no flyers then the squad puts out 16 long range accurate anti-infantry shots. When you need to you can shoot the melta guns and allow the rest of the weaposn to auto fire.

The heavys upports do what they do

Jetbikes do what they do

The AUtarch is equipped with a power weapon which we have chosen to be a lance, hes only str 4 in CC but other than that basically the same. You could also give him a power maul for str 5, just whatever preference.

Good Range, Good anti- tank, good anti- infantry, good anti-fyler. also very mobile

The Eldar, more than any other army, should not only look at the output of each unit individually, but the synergy of multiple units together and their role in the force as a whole. - Fable

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