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Depends on your play style man. If you like 'combatty' Eldar, I'd go with list 1. If you like shooty, go with the first list - the second will give you more survivability, no doubt, but with the first list, there will be nothing left alive to attack you!

If you feel you are going to face a fair amount of air, go with the Fortress list, and take a Lascannon or Quadcannon. Fire Dragon Exarch is a monster on those guys (ignores jink + reroll failed pens), and you can get one in with both of those for 112 points, not bad.

I think that 10 firedragons is overkill, unless you are facing units of >5 terminators/nobs on a regular basis. the 5 will be enough to kill almost any tank, and you could use the points you save to bolster your jetbikes with more cannons, get another heavy in, or whatever you want, really.


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