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Originally Posted by ChaosRedCorsairLord View Post
I really don't get these motion controls that consoles are heading towards. The last thing I want to do whilst chilling on my beanbag for a sunday gaming session is flail my limbs around like a lunatic.

The fact that I'm playing video games shows that I have nothing but disdain for any type of exercise.
Bingo, my job is pretty much running around like a loony or flailing my arms around like I'm having a fit.( I currently collect and sort household recycling for the local council)

Why would I want to do it again in the evening holding a controller rather than throwing tins and bottles into the right places?

I like the look of the console but the death of second hand games will kill Xbox for me.

Then again who am I kidding I probably won't be able to afford the console for quite a while anyway.
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