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Originally Posted by Stephen_Newman View Post
I tend to prefer games like Battlefield which have a VERY similar playstyle but guns I can relate to more since they are not made up sci-fi guns or vehicles named after animals.
Well that might be your problem. If you dont like sci-fi boom boom guns, then you are not likely to like the game.

Originally Posted by Stephen_Newman View Post
TL:DR I just want to know what exactly makes Halo the uber awesome game that everyone puts it up to be?
The amount of customization and solid gameplay. In Halo 3 I barely played online in the normal matchmaking rotation, because I was too busy running around on awesome Forge levels hiding away in these awesome player made villages and fortresses, doing awesome custom game modes like Infection and Fat Man. While these have now been integrated into the core game more or less since then, I still have fond memories of the originals. Those were awesome.

For Halo 4 it took me a while before I actually enjoyed the multiplayer, which came as a surprise to me. I had a hard time playing it, initially disliked a lot of the stuff going on there, but after a few hours I started enjoying it.

Why Halo and Halo 2 were so hyped up in the days was largely due to the fact that they were amazing games with multiplayer that was actually worth playing. Halo CE was the king of LAN parties, while Halo 2 dominated XBL from its release to the day the original XBL was put down a year or two back. Halo 3 built upon this and I still see it as the best competive game around due to the great map design and balance.

Sorry if I sound weird or incoherent, too much coffee.

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