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Yeah if you prefer more realistic modern shooters than Halo probably won't be your cup of tea. However for the multiplayer it isn't just the combat but the customization of it that draws in fans. You see while other FPS have better competitive multiplayer the Halo series has increasing customization of games and maps in their Forge/Forge World systems.

For example there's Grifball which started off as a player-made game inspired by Roosterteeh Production's Red vs Blue series (which I highly recommend). What is Grifball you might be asking? Well its a 4on4 football-like sport game with energy swords, gravity hammers and a bomb for a ball. Grifball was first created in Halo 3's Forge which allowed other players to download the map and playset wherever they were. The game caught on and spawned Internet leagues and when Reach came out they recreated it with new maps and variants available to them through what Halo Reach had. Finally in Halo 4 they made it an official game type with new features like being able to throw the ball.

And before some yells out 'well that one had the support of Roosterteeth's fanbase' I would like to point out that there was a gametype in Halo Reach that was a fanmade game from Halo 2, Infection. And that was before they had Forge.

Because of the tools they've given us through Forge and Forge World we fans have gone out and created whole new games within the game. Roosterteeth's Achievement Hunter site and Youtube channel are great for showcasing those kinds of fanmade material.

Beyond that thanks in large part to Roosterteeth's Red vs Blue which has been going on since Halo 1 the Halo series has become the definitive game for console machinima and really helped bring about the rise of machinima. Which has added fuel and support to the series. In fact as I mentioned earlier, in Halo Reach there's an Easter Egg where Bungie pays homage Roosterteeth and other popular fan productions over the course of the Halo series to that point because they supported the series through their work.

If you look at BF and CoD (the console versions anyway) they don't really have that. Forge World is right now the closest thing console players have for mods.

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