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I have an actual couple questions on the Halo game.

When the original trilogy for Halo was being released everyone was going gooey eyed over them and saying how awesome they are as games. I shrugged and left them to it since I did not have an XBOX.

Then Halo 4 comes out and I am assured its the best shooter game ever. I buy it out of curiosity expecting it to be this amazing awesome game and I find myself letdown. Badly.

I just want to put it out here that I don't feel Halo is a bad game by any stretch of the imagination but I do wonder where the hype comes from. Even the multiplayer, whilst being good, did not live up to the words of everyone I have met that plays it. I tend to prefer games like Battlefield which have a VERY similar playstyle but guns I can relate to more since they are not made up sci-fi guns or vehicles named after animals.

TL:DR I just want to know what exactly makes Halo the uber awesome game that everyone puts it up to be?

As an aside I want to apologize to anyone this may have offended. This might seem silly but posting this exact question on an IGN message board got my account temporarily banned because of "offensive language".

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