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Originally Posted by Reaper45 View Post
In one part you're going with the books being canon. But in others you're saying the game is canon. This isn't 40K where we can argue that we are learning the history when the fluff is rewritten it's because new evidence was uncovered that exposed the truth.
For the last freaking time! The games are the prime canon while the novels occupy a level of canon beneath it. When there's a conflict between the two of them, such as TFoR's depiction of the Reach's fall verses Halo Reach's depiction, the game's canon wins out. Beyond that Bungie has actually incorporated much of TFoR's plot into the prime canon. Hell even what the Chief Master and his Spartans were doing at the end of the novel has been brought into the prime and new fall of Reach.

Originally Posted by Reaper45 View Post
There's plenty of room in Halo to create a good back story. The fact remains bungie has no idea what they are doing.

Why introduce spartan III's into Halo reach when they could have used II's?

Why was nobel team the only spartan team on reach? Jorge is confirmed to be a spartan II, where are the other spartans? MC is shown in cryo on the autumn. why wasn't he fighting?

Bungie screwed up. They were to busy making a final game to make a solid plot.
Seriously? *sighs* Where to begin...

Okay first off the Master Chief cryo tube was an Easter Egg, which like all Easter Eggs are not canon in the slightest. In fact it wasn't even Reach's largest Easter Egg. When you're defending Halsey's lab there's a secret area with terminals that give nods to the fans and various things that have spawned from Halo such as Red vs Blue. In fact the RvB terminal has Halsey referencing them as though they were actually in the Halo universe. And much I would love to have Chief encounter the RvB gang, everyone acknowledges that RvB isn't canon to Halo.

Why Spartan-IIIs, or rather a team of 5 Spartan-IIIs and a Spartan-II? Well probably because they wanted to keep their distance from the Master Chief. They wanted Halo Reach to be a standalone story rather than a continuation of the Chief's exploits. You know tell a new story with new characters, especially with one that's more of a blank slate than the Chief is. And as already mentioned they did point out that there were other Spartan teams on Reach.

Finally how did Bungie drop the ball with Halo Reach's plot? What are your actual criticisms against its story? Cause at the moment you're just 'I hate the story'.

Speaking of the story, if I had to rate the stories of the games (made by Bungie/343) from worst to best this is how I'd put them. Please I don't anyone telling me why I'm wrong or why the story of Game X is better than Game Y. This is entirely my opinion.

Worst: Halo 2-it is by no means a bad story, especially from the Arbiter's side of things but it suffers from being the middle child of the trilogy, leaving us with an open ending that's tied up in Halo 3.

Halo-it isn't as story-driven as the later installments but it had its moments. The back and forth between Guilty Spark and Cortana is a scene I still find amusing and despite knowing from the video that the Flood got Keyes I was actually believing that I was going to rescue him in the second last mission.

Halo 3-the conclusion of the Halo Trilogy and a fine story in its own right but it suffers from seriously predictable moments (i.e. the Gravemind's betrayal) and I really disappointed in how Truth went from the scheming mastermind of Halo 2 to the fanatical megalomaniac of Halo 3.

ODST-for me this one was a surprise. I played it expecting some backstory on what was happening to Earth during Halo 2, instead I got the story about the battles of an ordinary squad of soldiers (in comparison to the superhuman Spartans) who are involved in something far larger than themselves told in a refreshing new manner.

Halo 4-an absolutely great story, not only tying in things from some of the best Halo novels they've done but also really exploring the relationship between Chief and Cortana. My only problem with is that despite how great Chief and Cortana were some of the other characters seemed to one dimensional props rather than actual characters. Namely the Infinity's Captain who seemed to be there for no other reason than to be a general douchbag and oppose everything Chief and Cortana said.

Best: Halo Reach-number one for one simple reason, the story actually made me feel something, not once but several times. Something no other Halo before it did.

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