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[quote=Doelago;1307596]To allow for something new and to fit the lore. The story line for the Spartan II`s at this time was about as fleshed out as it possibly could have been. Suddenly starting to throw them around all over the place when they are just about to go kidnap a Prophet from High Charity would have been a lore fuck.

But they were not the only Spartan team on Reach... Echo and Gauntlet team were just before the glassing of new Alexandria mentioned as having been redeployed to civilian evacuation.

There is also a group of 13 dead Spartans (IIs or III`s is anyones guess) located near the Aszod ship yards.

Originally Posted by Reaper45 View Post
I'll give you that but still the point remains. Halo has allot of on rails moments. There's plenty of room for seemingly endless waves of grunts coming at you.

Now this is where I have the problem.

In one part you're going with the books being canon. But in others you're saying the game is canon. This isn't 40K where we can argue that we are learning the history when the fluff is rewritten it's because new evidence was uncovered that exposed the truth.

There's plenty of room in Halo to create a good back story. The fact remains bungie has no idea what they are doing.

Why introduce spartan III's into Halo reach when they could have used II's?

Getting their Mark V suits and about to go on a trip to High Charity.

He had just been fighting aboard that space station and destroying the navigation core or whatever they did up there in "The Fall of Reach". Also, thats a total easter egg. The cryo tube was not located in the hangar bay...

If Bungie screwed anything up then it was the multiplayer map design. The story was among the best the Halo series has seen.
Just want to stop you right there.

If we're going by the book lore then yes.

If we're going by Halo reach then I don't know. Personally I view the books as canon and reach as a improved firefight.
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