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Originally Posted by DivineEdge View Post
I am using reapers to get a second shot, but I can still use their reaper launchers, so should be terminating an meq squad per turn.

If I dropped the scorps wave serpent, what would I use those points for?

In the second list, will drop vypers for more bikes. I know the avatar isn't necessary, but I'm worried I'll get completely rolled over if I have literally no close combat.
1) The unit has to shoot at whatever the Emplaced Gun shoots at, so make sure it is the MEQ unit you want to kill or you are wasting all those shots (Emplaced guns simply replace the models weapon, you still have to all shoot at the same unit)

2) Whatever you want

3) Warlocks are good in CC< you can take the points from the serpent and the points from the Avatar and get a unit of Warlocks+powers. They are very tough in the CC department and have Heavvy Flamers.

The Eldar, more than any other army, should not only look at the output of each unit individually, but the synergy of multiple units together and their role in the force as a whole. - Fable

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