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Originally Posted by Akatsuki13 View Post
But that's kind of the big difference between the Halo series and Serious Sam series. Serious Sam is more of a throwback to the 90s era of FPSs with all it's crazy and hilarious hijinks while Halo is in the line of recent modern shooters that tend to be more serious, realistic (to varying degrees mind you) and story-driven.
Valid point, but then I still miss the 'comedic' grunts running away shouting about 'the demon' and all that.

Have 343 dropped the ball? I don't really think so, as long as I don't get as pissed off as I did at the end of Halo 2 I'm cool with it.

Halo is the only Xbox game I feel compelled to run out and buy on release as I was the only player when the 1st one came out as all of my mates had PS2s.

I can't let them start telling me about the game series I introduced them to now can I? lol.
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