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While most of his fellow tashiri qualm members retreated to their dorms for the night Robb found sleep to be too evasive. He left the dining hall and wandered the halls of the great fortress home of the tashiri for a while before finally retiring to his bed for sleep. When it eventually came he fell into a complete and deep sleep, no dreams of any kind. He awoke early like normal, getting up even though his muscles still felt a little sore from the constant use. He went to one of the training rooms, and stood there with his blade, practicing his attacking and defensing techniques, flowing seamlessly from one to the next.

He retired after a while to bathe and change into fresh robes before entering into the private dining hall, seeing an eleborate feast had been prepared for the victorious qualm. It stung when he thought of the victory, so many tashiri had lost their lives in the assault. Too many. He slowly sipped his wine as the rest of the Qualm turned up, eating drinking and talking together. Robb sat in silence for a while, just looking around at his fellows. He was glad that they had made it through the storm, glad that they had accomplished their task, their mission.

He stood after a little while raising his glass "To our fallen brothers. May they rest in peace." He toasted, downing the rest of his glass before leaving the dining hall. It had been a nice feast, one that befitted their victory. However it had been at a cost, and they all needed to remember the cost of victory.

Over the next few days the qualm practiced together, training hard to become closer, to fight as one. Each of the Qualm had to face off against Nesrin, the leader of the group who inevitably won every bout. Robb fought hard in his bout, using his metal abilities to his finest even though the practice weapons were wooden and not metal. It meant that he wouldn't be able to sense where Nesrin would strike, but he fought his best, his attacks flowing into defence when needed, and Robb didn't give up till Nesrin had him flat on his back, earth powers be damned. Robb rolled to his feet, not enjoying the feeling of losing but understanding why.

As the others fought against Nesrin Robb found himself restless and searching for another opponent. He felt like a caged animal, he needed to practice harder, he needed to be able to protect his qualm members. Walking over to Eldur with a smile he asked simply, "Eldur, I was wondering if you would wish to spar against me? I know I'm at a natural advantage being a metal walker but still would be nice to see what you fight like."

"It will be my pleasure". He replied as he stood and made his way over to grab a wooden spear. Robb followed grabbing a training sword before walking over to take up position opposite from Eldur. "We gonna fight with or without tricks" Eldur asked. Robb was a little surprised by this though he turned to Eldur with a smile. Robb always had his tricks, his skills of a swordsman was one of them, "I won't be using tricks my friend though if you wish to, I won't begrudge you. It will make my victory more satisfying."

Robb took a defensive stance, allowing his opponent to be the one to make the first move, Eldur questioned his confidence before bowing, Robb replying in kind with his own bow. "Well I wouldn't say confident, more like I'm looking forward to this. Smart use using wood."

Eldur lunged forward, Robb instantly leaping to the left to dodge the incoming attack, though his blade barely deflected the spear. He should have seen the lunge coming, it was a more common use of the spear and he should have known it wouldn't be like a normal sword duel. He was lucky that he had the physical ability to dodge away. Next came a side-sweep. the spear was coming fast.

Robb righting himself quickly, he twisted left dropping to one knee as he parried with his blade to his right. Managing to block the spear he struck Eldur in the knee with the hilt of his blade, the sudden move Robb had made had knocked Eldur off balance and knocked him over. As his opponent landed on his back whipped his spear forward, connecting with Robb's right shoulder. It was a move that would stop Robb from going for the killing blow, a smart move by his opponent.

Eldur quickly rolled away from Robb, standing up in a fluid motion, placing himself in a ordinary combat stance for a spear fighter. "Well fighting mostly swordsmen, It just seems they are not that happy about surprises." Eldur smiled back at Robb, giving him an acknowleding nod,"Guessing its your turn to attack now."

Robb smiled as he leapt forward to attack, feigning to the left with his blade to draw his opponents attention, before at the last second, whipping his blade into his other hand and attempting to slash across his opponents chest. He loved the thrill of the challenge, and this would be a nice challenge for him. He rarely fought spearman, and had been hit by one even less.. Eldur attempted to intercept Robb's attack, though frustratingly seemed ready for the feint.

Eldur was bringing his spear up, spinning in the process with his spear ready to hit him, though he hadn't seen Robb's next attack, something which Robb relished greatly. Robb leapt forward, shoulder barging into his opponents side and lifting him up into the air before slamming him into the ground. Quickly Robb was over his opponent, sword pointed down on him, even as his foot stood on his opponents weapon. Slowly with open hand, Eldur brought his left hand up to Robb's sword. The smell of burned wood filling the air. Eldur put a message on the sword "I Yield". Robb had to lift his blade to read it, and did it slowly in case his opponent had any surprises for him. Smiling at the message Robb offered his hand to the downed Tashiri, "Very creative friend."

Eldur accepted the offered hand, wincing a little from the pain in his side as he stood up, Robb feeling sorry for his qualm member at the pain he had caused him. "Aye I enjoyed the fight immensely, I still have a lot to learn, hope you will teach me some of it Robb."

Robb nodded simply at this, watching Nesrin walk past who gave them both a nodded head, all the praise they would get, not that they needed any.

During the time of training Robb found himself lacking without his shield, the damn thing melting in the battle against the queen. He had repaired his chainmail armour, the links being expertly repaired by him, his hands flowing over the metal as he worked. He was glad he still had his armour and Fang, though he would need something else as well to better fight the enemy.

After one particular training situation Robb got so frustrated with his performance with only one blade once the others headed to bed he headed to the forge. He worked tirelessly, shaping a lump of steel into something beautiful. He made a short sword, slightly smaller than fang, something he could use in more confined spaces. "Claw" is what he decided to call it, something which Terros found immensely amusing, his blades named after Terros' own weapons that he used to tear his opponents limb from limb.

One morning he awoke early, having been summouned to Mistress Alana Frendel, in one of the many gardens. He felt nervous as he was attempting to learn a new power, a new set of powers. He was branching away from things that were familiar to him. He arrived as the note from Nesrin instructed him to find her by one of the large ponds, her beauty startling Robb. He had expected an old wise woman but instead he was greeted with her flowing straw colored hair catching the light in a way that makes it seem to shine, her pale skin glistening in the rays of the sun that filter in through the large windows. Instead of the pants and shirt typical to most Tashiri, she wears a flowing gown of the same fabric, around her waist a sash of deep ebony trimmed in gold, marking her station as a Tashiri Master.

Her expression was stern as Robb respectfully approached her, nervous but walking to her confidently. He would not be put off, he was here to learn and would not be paralyzed by nerves. "What would bring one such as you, someone born to heat and metal and war, to learn from me?"

He pondered her question for a moment, watching the water ripple for a moment, "That is precisely why I am here Ma'am. I was born to metal and war, but I know that this is not the only path to follow. I have witnessed the power and beauty water has, different to metal walking. I come here to learn, to learn how best to help my comrades, how to protect them and not just in the ways of killing my opponents."

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