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I don't think its all that hard or scary to try and differentiate one's daemon princes.

I like how ambitious your daemon prince conversions are, it's nice to see people tackling big conversions. I'm not crazy about the end results though. I think we have very different aesthetics.

I converted up an Iron Warriors Daemon prince using the original metal DP model, and an orky vehicle 'servo-arm'. I really wanted to keep that as a part of the model, clearly suggesting the progression from the Warsmith to Daemon Prince.


IW_daemon_prince_done-top-angle by the warped forge, on Flickr


daemon_prince_back by the warped forge, on Flickr

My overall goal was to keep it tight and understated, and of course to make sure the servo-arm remained stable when finished, because everything was pewter, and heavy!


Chaos Army Showcase with photos (Updated 2013/12/02)
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