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I'm glad that 343 took over, Bungie was raping the series too much when they released reach.

They made cortana a forunner AI, ok so how does she not know anything about the halos or the flood and whatnot.

As for the cortana issue. Can you ever truly say a computer program is dead. There's ways to bring her back 343 just has to get creative.

IMO there's only one direction the halo series can go. The spartans have to turn against humanity. The reclamation has begun. That means only one thing. Humans are beginning their conquest of the galaxy. Master chief has fought for humanity for over 30 years. The spartan's of the spartan VI program are not II's they do not fight with the same determination that the originals did.

So the only way this can go is 117 leading a revolt in order to save humanity. Without the spartans humanity takes huge loses. even with them they lose allot. They beat the covenant only because of the arbiter who had enough respect that other elites listen to him.

just my 2 cent's.

Originally Posted by Akatsuki13 View Post
You're missing what I'm saying. Bungie has the final say on what's canon. They created Halo Reach themselves ergo Halo Reach is the new canon, replacing it as depicted in Fall of Reach.

It's like the Star Wars universe. There's different levels of what is canon with the movies sitting at the very top of it all, above the Expanded Universe as presented in various other media. For the Halo series the games occupy that top level of canon as its being made by those with control over the license directly. Other official media, like the novels occupies the level beneath it and is canon unless it contradicts material in the top level.
Are you seriously going to bring star wars into this? The last three movies were a cash grab nothing else. Lucas could have done them in a million different ways. But instead we are stuck with jar jar binks in two movies. And a emo jedi who whines every thirty seconds. Besides I can't take a company seriously that has satisfying your mom as their site description.

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