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Originally Posted by Akatsuki13 View Post
If you don't like Halo why are you commenting on a thread talking about it?
You must have missed my earlier Boeing vs a bungee rope post.

Originally Posted by DeathJester921 View Post
Bungie also made other popular game series. You realize that right? The Marathon and Myth series. Pathways into Darkness as well.

343 will make a name for themselves sooner or later. Just give them time
Yes but Marathon and Myth are hardly mainstream gaming, shit Marathon is from the mid 90's and Myths hardly that much better being over a decade old. I'm fairly confident I could ask a vast survey of people if they knew who Bungie game developers were and would likely be greeted with a confused look. I'm willing to take that one even further and ask every single person I know who plays Halo if they know who Bungie are or 343 for that matter. I'm willing to bet the vast majority won't know.

So yeah you'll forgive me if I continue to disagree that me not really knowing who Bungie or 343 were till after a quick wikipedia check qualifies me as being out of touch with culture.
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