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Actually the Covenant has virtually (at least as of what they revealed thus far) shattered. The Prophets were an endangered species before the Flood invasion of High Charity, their homeworld so there's no way of telling at the moment how many are left. The Brutes still hate the Elites but without the Prophets guiding them and providing them with technology they have devolved into infighting and their technology level has dropped. Presumably the Grunts are largely allied with the Elites though if there are Prophets alive some would likely still be with them. The Jackals seem to be neutral/independent now. Drones are unknown at the moment.

As for the Elites, nominally most are still with the Arbiter upholding the truce with humanity. But others still cling to the Covenant orthodoxy and those are the ones fought in Halo 4. Which isn't all that surprising as they are a species going through major social and political changes brought about by the Covenant Civil War.

So when it comes to bringing in the Elites (those with the Arbiter) we'd likely only see Grunts, Hunters, Engineers and possibly Jackals and Drones (though I doubt these last two).

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