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Originally Posted by Archaon18 View Post
If this isn't a joke then you really are not in tune with culture.

Back to the original point(ish) how do you guys think the story will progress without Cortana, apart from the skeptics like me who think in Halo 5 he'll find her more-or-less at the start of it all?
Would hardly call it not in tune with culture. I happen to think Halo is the most over rated game in existence and don't want anything to do with it, therefore care nothing for who develops it. If you don't care about Halo, your unlikely to know who bungie are as they've barely done that much in mainstream gaming apart from Halo, and if you don't know about them, you definitely won't know about 343 who are almost only Halo from what I can see.

So yeah, if disliking and not caring about Halo makes me out of tune with culture then I guess I am.
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