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Default List ideA

Alright there is a number of ways we can do this without gimping you vs other lists. Here is the first draft and you need to tell me if it fits your playstyle, if you can get/proxy rhe models and if the overall strategy is too difficult.
Autarch 140 w/ Fusion Gun,Jetbike,Laser Lance,mandiblaster
Jetbike squad x3 66x3=198
Bastion 125 w/Quad Gun
Fire dragons x5 w/tank hunters,crackshot,exarch
Firestorm Tank 180
Firestorm Tank 180

O'Shava 175
Crisis Bodyguards. X7 457 w/ target locks x6, Blacksun F. X2, TL-Missile Pods x7, vectored thrusters x1, drone controller x2, gun drones x4
Fire warriors x6 60
Broadsides x3 223 w/ target locks x2, blacksun F.

This is 1850 exactly

The jetbikes and firewarrriors go in reserve regardless, the fire warriors grab your home objective and the bikes get the rest.

Fire dragons go in the bastion, autarch either joins them or goes up top in the battlements with the broadsides

Deploy the Bastion as far back as you can

The fire storms stay on the table if you go first ( to intercept incomming flyers) or stay in reserve if you go second. They have a 60' range so they have no business getting close unless you are going to contest and should hide behind the bastion or any other convient terrain.

Quad gun intercepts, place all 4 heavy bolters on the front side of the bastion and have the fire dragons shoot them, the exarch handles the quad gun. Focus on flyer squads with the quad gun (i.e. valks)

The broadsides perform anti-tank and go AA if you need it.

You can either deepstdike O'Shava's squad if going second (doesnt have to be close since they have a 42' threat range) or stay on the table if going first. They can split fire to 7 different targets so they can perform AA or handle ground based targets. After the fight starts get the autarcb to join them, they have hit and run so should not be bogged down in a fight.

You have A LOT of dakka here and besides the fire dragons have no reall way to peirce a 2+ save reliably which means you will have to focus fire and make the enemy roll saves, should be easy as every weapon on the table is STR 5+

This is just the first draft, if you cannot use Forgeworld let me know.

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