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Default Adam - Human Windwalker

The next few days were a blur of activity despite the overwhelming desire to rest. Training continued back at the Tashiri home, training with the other disciples as well as the Hetat himself. Nesrin sparred each and every one of them over the course of the days that passed, showing them their weaknesses and complimenting them their strengths. But as the weeks passed this was not to be the extent of their training, for the disciples had things to learn that Nesrin informed them others were better suited to teach.

On the twenty second day, Adam awoke to find a note by his door. The next phase of his training was to begin under a Tashiri master named Enariel Y'nan. Adam had heard the name before, the Windwalker was a legend renowned among all the tashiri, a true master of the skies whose wisdom would undoubtedly benefit the young man immensely.

Control yourself, you've not seen what kind of man he is. Kike voiced a caution.

'He's a legend. Any wisdom he has to offer, any training he can give, is a boon.' Adam retorted to the voice in his head. Wasting no more time, he set out to where the note instructed him to go.

In short order he reached where he was supposed to be, high within a tower across the other side of the Talissariat. He knocked upon the door and was met by an almost musical voice prompting him to enter. He entered, and his breath caught as he looked out upon a breathtaking view of the landscape surrounding the area from this immense height. Adam expected wind, but there was nothing. As he took a few steps forward, he reached out a hand, suspecting a powerful crafting at work.

As he thought, the walls were formed of air. Hardened and contained air, perfectly controlled to form solid walls.

'And you had doubts Kike...' Adam muttered to himself, smiling.

'Ahem...' The voice drew Adam's attention away from the view, to the chamber and the figure who occupied it. It was a lavishly decorated chamber, befitting of the High Elf who stood at its center. 'Welcome Adam.' The elf continued. 'I understand you wish to learn flight?'

Adam dropped to one knee and bowed his head to show respect. 'Yes, Master Y'nan, it is my fervent wish to be able to keep up with the others of my craft... I am yours to teach.'

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