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Originally Posted by ckcrawford View Post

If you came out of this novel going... "I could really play the Iron Warriors," and especially if you've read about the other Legions in the heresy, boy do I feel bad for you.

I would disagree with this. The IW appear to be the most noble of the legions that fell to chaos and their fall had a lot to do with guilt and regret (imo)... I think that trait could attract some players.

I agree that their fighting prowess wasn't really shown in this novel. What's that special "something" that makes them IW? I have no idea...they didn't look particularly impressive in the novel. The Raven Guard character was the most interesting fighter in the book...

Oh, and good review. It's good to see someone that reviews a book and actually talks about its bad points. Pretty sick of reading WH40k reviews that have nothing bad at all to say about the book. That's BS...every book has its bad points. *sigh* at all the 10/10's...
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