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Alcohol carried me through right up until I heard myself back on a recording. Not many people actually truly sound better drunk. I sing in a punk band (so stamina yelling), do backups for a female vocalist in an acoustic project and have my own blues/folk stuff that I sing for. Do it more! The more you sing in the mirror, driving around, playing guitar, not playing guitar, on the toilet, in the rain- you get it- the more confidence you have in your ability to do it competently in front of people. The stage fright took me about a year of playing in front of people to get over, and honestly it was just hours and days of practice in the mirror. I would record videos on my phone or computer or whatever to listen back to where I needed to work on my breathing, where this note suffered or where that one needed to be phrased differently. Once I had organized the performance in my mind I found that I was spending less time thinking about the audience and more time paying attention to myself and making sure my show was on its A-game. It's almost as if I'm sitting back in a control room overseeing myself play guitar and sing/play harmonica at the same time and that totally occupies my thoughts during a gig.

Hopefully there's something in there that helps! And stay strong man, you are NOT worse than Rebecca Black and she got signed and put into music videos. As long as you give an honest performance and try your best people will recognize and celebrate your efforts. Otherwise they ain't worth your time! :D
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