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Default Tips from singers/vocalists regarding nerves?

I suffer from crippling stage fright, not just at the thought of getting on a stage but at the thought of performing anything in front of anyone! Playing bass or guitar isn't so bad, I have something to hide behind and can choose to look engrossed in my poor playing if I want. My problem comes when I attempt to do any form of vocals, I just freeze and either completely choke or, sometimes, a little girlie squeak comes out

This didn't used to be such a problem, I could generally get over my nerves enough (through booze and whatnot) to get what I needed to do done and was fortunately not often called upon for vocal duties (through booze and whatnot).

But, and this is the problem, I might have to get my vocal head back on soon without the aid of alcohol or anything else and I'm fucking terrified at the mere thought of it. It's only going to be me and a friend who has always been very positive about my dubious vocal skills but the nerves are shredding me already.

Are there any singers/vocalists who have dealt with nerves in the past and have any tips or advice for getting over them? Any techniques, tricks or anything, anything at all, its only a couple of weeks away and I'm already panicking!


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