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Alright, so I started tweaking my list after the advice above and ran into a stumbling block. What do you do with 84 points? A small unit of Cultists? A naked Predator tank? Drop 1 Berzerker and take a Helbrute? I did consider dropping my 10 bikes for 2 Defilers with Havoc Launcher upgrades but there goes my fast assault unit with meltas. I could also take 3 Maulerfiends if I dropped the bikes. They're fast and eat armor (especially bastions). Any ideas?

The major armies around here are all MEQ. Grey Knights, Space Wolves, and Blood Angels being the most predominant. Thankfully little to no Necrons right now. I'm sure that's changing as I type this but I've yet to encounter any. And the odd smattering of Imperial Guard too I suppose.

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