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As for the list itself:

Apart from my disagreement about lightning claws, tinytim offers good advice.

- Dozer blades are so situational they're almost never worth buying, and this edition is much more forgiving on the vehicle damage table with regards to how often your vehicle is stunned. Dirge casters, however, are absolutely wonderful for saving your 'Zerkers' bacon.
- Berzerkers don't need VotLW--they are Fearless. Paying the points just for the Hatred (SM) is not, I feel, worth it.
- A MC's Smash ability gives the Black Mace AP2, counterbalancing the Mace's weakest aspect for the same amount of points as you'd pay to put it on a Lord at AP4. Meanwhile, with the AoBF, you're paying points for the AP2 you already have. Sure, you get to swap Rage for Blind and the like. I'd rather have an Aura of DOOM, thanks.

Yes, 50 Berzerkers is a lot, but at 2500 points, your opponent is going to have a lot to deal with them. Honestly, Berzerkers are sliiightly less effective than last edition (after the first round of combat, they're fearless, WS5 marines. Great...). Still, feel free to playtest the list some. What manages to hit the enemy line should tear some nice juicy holes in it, I'm sure.

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