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That sounds like a plan. When you said "mad herd" I thought of 20 Noise Marines with 20 Sonic Blasters (or 18 SB + 2 Blastmasters for maximum rockstar performance). Combined with 10 Terminators and Infiltration, and Huron himself, it's going to be nuts. Not necessarily good but crazy, to be sure.

It'd be fun to Infiltrate Abaddon as well, but if he's in a primary detachment he has to be the Warlord with his silly Black Crusader Warlord Trait. Typhus, however, is a possibility... and also Kharn for extra shits and giggles. Just send him off alone once he leaves his original unit to spread the word of Khorne with his 7 S7 AP2 Armourbane 2+ autohit attacks. If he gets shot up, you can bet that some truly unholy amount of firepower will be wasted on him - instead of your Terminators and Land Raiders. If he does manage to wreck something in the meantime, all the better. Also handy if you have psyker issues.

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